Moira Russell

I have always loved painting but it was not until I took early retirement from Primary School teaching that I was able to concentrate on it. I joined the Madainn group run by Carol Taylor MA RCA and found a new freedom of expression working in a wide variety of media over the 7 year period. During that time I also attended many courses at Leith School of Art.

My inspiration comes mainly from the natural world – looking at aspects which are sometimes ignored or overlooked. The ‘There is Beauty in the Grass Verge’ series being a case in point – we pass them by without a glance. The ‘Rocks’ series started when garden rockery stones covered in lichen caught my interest. I used photographs of these as collage and painted into & around them to create mountains. The little trees on them were inspired by a wee, twisted gorse bush which grew with such determination beside the A702! (Unfortunately the bush has since been destroyed by the sheep sharing its abode!)

I am fascinated by the visual similarity of branches, maps and the network of connections in the brain and I am hoping some work will come from that. Serendipity plays a large part in my work – happy accidents are a joy – they send me off on new exciting directions! Much of my work is mixed media as I love texture and having recently got an etching press I am experimenting with various printmaking techniques and sometimes use the results in my collage work.