Ken Russell

Having started out by completing my apprenticeship in clock & watch repairing I then spent much of my working life as a technician in the Engineering Department of Napier University. My main leisure activity since childhood has been photography but following early retirement I looked for another means of expression and through the Madainn Group, run by Carol Taylor MA RCA for 7 years, I was introduced to modern contemporary painting. Thus inspired I have attended several courses at Leith School of Art. I work in acrylic paint, inks, oil pastel, charcoal & graphite – often combined with collage and enjoy being able to escape from the preciseness of my other pursuit of clockmaking.

My inspiration comes from a variety of sources. The Railway & Industrial work derives from fond childhood memories of the Station Pilot shunting in Waverley Station and trips on the Suburban Railway with my brother. I have tried to convey the sadness I feel at the many closed railway lines. Some I have recreated and in others I have portrayed all that now remains.

The Landscape & Built Environment work stems from the subjects I usually photographed and I enjoy the freedom to give expression to how I feel about these subjects without the restraint of total realism.