We thought you might like to know what we get up to between exhibitions, find out how we research and make our work and see photos of some of our work in progress as it unfolds:

25th August 2019


Another wonderful week at Leith School of Art – this time with Matt Storstein – Textures of Time.  Here are my poppy seedhead experiments using inks.

Poppy seedheads.                                          You can also keep in touch through Instagram – @butterflymind45

31st July 2019

Moira: Have just discovered I can upload videos!!  Here is the video inspiration for my artist’s books below:

IMG_6798  (just click the link!)

30th July 2019


A wonderful week at Leith School of Art making Artist’s Books:

Reflections Fan book 1

4th July 2019


That New Year Resolution went the way of most of that ilk!  Main reason was ill health – Ken was rushed to hospital with pneumonia in April and is still getting back to normal and I had a recurring virus for a couple of months.  However…… we are both getting back our mojos and hope to get back into the swing of things once more.  From my Printmaking I have been producing some 3D work:

Pyramids Medium

22nd March 2019


   One of Ken’s Lino prints for the Printmaking exhibition.

20th March 2019


One of my pieces for the exhibition – a collagraph image transferred by roller – fun but unpredictable!

Tranquility 1

19th March 2019


Another failure of the New Year Resolutions!!  However we are delighted to be taking part in ‘Exploring Print’ a diverse exhibition of selected works from artists studying Printmaking at the Leith School of Art. The exhibition is on display at The Orchard Bar 2nd April – 26th May 2019.

10th January  2019


Happy New Year!  Think I ought to make a NY resolution – but – how long do they last!!😟  I’ll just have to hope to keep this up to date a bit better!  I have put the backlog of work up on the 2018/19 pages so take a look at what we have been up to.  Here is a taster:

knot print 4

knot print 12

Landscape 10

Landscape 7

The prints are collagraph prints made during my Printmaking Course at Leith School of Art this year.  The landscapes are torn paper collages.

Ken has been busy with his St James Centre series but has also been inspired by broken china and street markings and debris:

Broken China Crunchie

Broken China 2

Broken China 1

Yellow Lines and Detritus

23rd August 2018


Oh dear – Life gets in the way of good intentions!!  Hopefully the blog will get a bit more attention now that Courses and Summer Schools are over.  I have got back to painting again and am enjoying new subjects.  Here is one called ‘Intrusion’

4th June 2018

Moira: It is hung!!  Looking good!



1st June 2018

Moira: Packed the car with the first batch of paintings for the ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ Exhibition today!   Hanging on Monday 4th & opening on Wed. 6th June – with Meet the Artists Day on Sunday 10th so it is all go here!!!!

27th May 2018


Have been so busy getting things done for the Exhibitions next month!! Here is the poster for the Museum one:

A4 art exhib poster

26th April 2018

Moira:  OOPs!  Slipping again with blog writing!!  I have been busy making posters and flyers for the exhibition in June as well as my Course work Personal Project.  My Project this year is DUST!!!!!!  Watch this space!  However here is a piece of Moira Pedreschi’s jewellery:  which will be in the exhibition A Breath of Fresh Air 6th – 24th June.

4th April 2018


More photos of work for the A Breath of Fresh Air exhibition coming in. Here is a piece of Susheila Jamieson’s sculpture:

29th March, 2018


Three entries to the blog in 3 days!!!😇

One of Elspeth Wight’s paintings for the A Breath of Fresh Air exhibition in June.

28th March 2018


One of Ken’s paintings for the A Breath of Fresh Air exhibition in June.


It is one of a series of paintings of the St James Centre during its demolition.  These rooms – once enclosed – are now getting a breath of fresh air! This painting contains lumps of the actual concrete from the site which he requested from the firm doing the demolition!

27th March 2018


So much for New Year Resolutions!!!!!!!!! What with amazing snow

and my course at Leith I always seem tone chasing my tail!  Busy now with lots of organising – Yarn Bombing the bollards with Caps (I am doing the CAP course – see below) is now my official event in the Leith Festival in June and I have been trying to encourage others to join in.

Last year I did about 40 Caps – see above. This year – I have 166 Caps pictured right above – one for each bollard in Gt. Junction Street, in Leith.

Also in June I am curating and Ken & I are participating in an Art exhibition in the prestigious Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum – an outpost of the National Museum of Scotland Open from June 6th – 24th – see Exhibitions Page for details. Also in June will be my Course End of Year Exhibition!  No wonder I don’t have time to blog much!!  Later in the year – an Art event in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Charityin the Corn Exchange Biggar in September – details later.  In October the Biggar Little Festival Open Studios Trail – open an extra day this year – see Exhibitions Page for details. Planning to interest people in more Bollard Yarn Bombing in Biggar during the Biggar Little Festival. Lots going on!

24th January 2018


Ooh! Happy New Year!  Think I need to make a Resolution to write the Blog a bit more often!  Very busy with Year 2 of the Contemporary Art Practice Course at Leith School of Art and don’t have much time to paint. Many of the things we do are experimental rather than finished pieces which would make much sense to anyone else!! However – this commissioned piece has been finished and sent off to Dallas Texas! Amazingly it was sent Next Day!!!  Recipient has emailed to say that the family love it – so job well done!

20th October 2017


Well, that burst of two posts seems to have exhausted me it seems!!!!!!  What have I been doing?  Holidaying, Summer Schooling, enrolling for a second year at Leith School of Art for the CAP Course (Contemporary Art Practice), painting, framing and label making for the fast approaching Biggar Little Festival Open Studios Trail!  Busy, busy, busy……  We are open 10 am to 4 pm next Sat & Sun – 28th & 29th Oct and look forward to seeing old friends and new!  Hope you can make it.  To tempt you there will be the now famous Home made Chocolate Fudge (- now Vegan friendly , Gluten Free and even more delicious) as well as our art work!  Some samples:

St James Chaos (Ken)

Greenhouse Glimpses 2 (Moira)

The Dust and the Rubble (Ken)

 Deep in the Heart of the Forest (Moira)

Also on show will be my Memories Sculptural piece and hopefully my two video animations ( longest is 3 minutes!!!!)

Leith School of Art Contemporary Art Course
my Christmas Exhibition piece – which looks better ‘in the flesh’ fortunately!  Will perhaps bring back childhood memories for the older generation!

Also there may be an opportunity to have a little bit of hands on fun making a memento to take home – you have to be here to be let into that secret though!! See on

31st July 2017


Two posts the one month – progress?!? Still painting – veering on to hedgerows rather than verges – but this one had aspirations in the trees direction so is untitled so far!!!

Untitled as yet!

Have just finished a Summer School at Leith School of Art improving my jewellery making skills. Quite addicted – so have to divide available time between jewellery making and painting etc.! Just amazing how these:

ended up looking like this:

copper & brass ready for making up!

12th July 2017


It has taken me a good while to get back into the swing of things after all the course work and exhibition setting up, invigilating and taking down involved.  However I am getting back to painting again. As I have a commission for a There is Beauty in the Grass Verge painting I have been able to slot back in quite nicely with the familiar subject:

There is Beauty in the Grass Verge 1 Series 2

There is Beauty in the Grass Verge 2 Series 2

17th June 2017


Can’t believe it is so long since I wrote in the Blog – well actually I can!!  I have been immersed in the world of animation – 5 to 7 hours a day – all to produce an animation about Parking Ticket Machines lasting just under 3 minutes!!!!  At last it is done and on show in Patriothall – off Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Opening –

tomorrow ( Sunday ) 12noon – 6pm and then daily Wednesday 21st – Sunday 25th June 12noon to 6pm Here is a still from my film:

Two old rusty meters are drinking pints of oil outside the Just the Ticket Pub while a young couple are being served by the waiter prior to joining the protest rally – protesting about unequal pay and working conditions – before all repairing to the pub once more to see the breaking news that their rally has been successful!

14th March 2017


Glad to report both now feeling much better at last.  I have been busy with my Coursework and this time it involved animation!  I fell in love with these two characters and made a video with them in starring roles!  The scenario was that their sink was blocked by a careless student putting plaster down the drain!  Using various combinations of gurgling drain noises, bottle blooping sounds and balloons, a recorder, peoples voiced noises, fingers squeaking over wet surfaces and twanging rulers I made several versions of the animation and had tremendous fun! I hope to show at least one version at the Open Studios on the last weekend in October


5th February 2017


Oh dear! Not much blogging – sorry!  Ken slipped on the ice and cracked a bone in his foot so has been out of action – foot up – ice packs on for the last 3 weeks!  Just to spice up the mix I have had a nasty chesty cough/cold virus for 2 of those weeks – still ongoing. I generously passed it on to Ken so we are a sorry pair.  Hopefully we will get back to art and blogging before too long!

2nd January 2017

Moira:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I have been making video footage over the Festive period ready for my next Course Project. I took some footage of Edinburgh’s Wheel etc. and some today of the Biggar Bonfire remains – always a fascinating subject the two or so days after the event when there are the smoking remains.  Pictures are still being downloaded so you’ll have to make do with some of my course work from last term!

glow-sticks-in-bubble-jar glow-stick-balloon-sculptures crystal-set-up

Three pieces from my Light project where we had to use Light as the subject and Light as the medium. The first two are experiments with glow sticks, the first is 2 sticks in a jar of bubble mix water, the second was the result of pushing bent glow sticks into balloons and letting the air out. The third photo shows the set-up of coloured shot glasses and crystals which made a fairground /or city at night effect when illuminated by a moving torch!

19th December 2016

Moira: Some of my studio work leading up to the final exhibition piece involved trying out different ideas. Thinking of the neurons in the brain I worked with latex and balloons and this work might be developed further in the future.


18th December 2016


I have been really busy with my Leith School of Art Contemporary Art Practice Course and have not been painting at all until today – but more of that another day, perhaps! We had the end of term exhibition last week and my piece was about Memory.  Memories are so fragile and we have so many of them in our heads.  I tried to convey this fragility by using old dressmaking pattern tissue to make a large container for the smaller containers – also made of tissue- which contain ribbons of my memories coiled inside them and trailing out.  I made readable versions for people to read to display beside the piece itself.  It was amazing how many memories were triggered as I went along! I think there is more mileage here! Here are some images of the piece:

Leith School of Art Contemporary Art Course my Christmas Exhibition piece

Leith School of Art Contemporary Art Course
my Christmas Exhibition pieces

Leith School of Art Contemporary Art Course my Christmas Exhibition piece

Leith School of Art Contemporary Art Course
my Christmas Exhibition piece

Leith School of Art Contemporary Art Course my Christmas Exhibition piece

Leith School of Art Contemporary Art Course
my Christmas Exhibition piece close up

29th October 2016


Day one of the Open Studios! Great day – lots of lovely visitors – didn’t have time for lunch until after 2.30pm! Pleased to welcome familiar faces once more and lovely to see new ones too.

Time Works its Magic! 2

Time Works its Magic! 2

This much love painting has gone to a lovely new home – thank you Nikki & Cameron – enjoy it!

16th October 2016


On Half Term from Course.  Having a look at work to be shown in the Open Studios in 2 weeks time. These were inspired by the remains of writing on buildings and street furniture:

i-wonder-what-it-said-3 i-wonder-what-it-said-2 i-wonder-what-it-said-1

5th October 2016


Oh dear – I am the world’s worst blogger!!!  Have been really busy what with getting ready for the Open Studios on the 29th & 30th of this month and I have begun an art course – one day a week – Contemporary Art Practice – and have not had time for any painting at all!  Fortunately I have plenty of new work ready for the Open Studios!

My course is really interesting and is keeping me on my toes!  This last week I was given 2 rolls of nylon netting – one black & one white and a box of rubber bands with which to start a 3 week project on sculpture!  I was fortunate – someone near me ended up with a tin of baby powder and a roll of foil!!!  This week we are adding plaster, latex and wax to the mix!  Will keep you posted, hopefully!

5th September 2016


Oh dear! Is it really that long since I wrote in the blog?!  It has been a busy summer with 2 summer schools and a wee holiday.  I am starting a year long one day a week course at Leith School of Art this month – Contemporary Art Practice – really looking forward to it!   As a bit of light relief Ken & I were out blowing bubbles yesterday with a special mix which results in longer lasting bubbles.  I managed to photograph quite a few and one of the first we blew lasted for several hours on the side of the plant pot it landed on!

Bubble 1    Bubble suspended 3  clear bubble and shadow 2

It was quite magical!  The third image shows the shadows created by the clear bubble on the edge of the coping.  The marks are caused by the surface of the bubble which appeared to have a “cracked” layer inside.

28th July, 2016


I have a painting in the Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show 2016!:

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time

Macmillan 2016 a Macmillan 2016 b see Exhibitions for more details.

17th July 2016


Have just finished a week of Summer School at Leith School of Art on the subject of Beneath the Surface -Water.  We studied the water at the Water of Leith for several days and drew in pencil, charcoal, ink & wash and finally soft pastel.  Back in the studio we made black & white and later, colour, monotypes before making an acrylic or oil diptych painting. I went on to make a further piece – all in acrylic.

monotype stick      monotype ripples

diptych            Underwater 2

An inspiring week – thank you Kittie Jones!

1st July  2016


Phew! Just getting my breath back after a busy weekend with the Open Studios! Lovely to see and catch up with old friends and great to make new ones. Some of our work has gone to new homes so very pleased. Getting back into gear again to do more work for October Open Studios (29th & 30th) so hope to see you there!

19th June, 2016

Moira: Busy working on some cards for the Open Studios on the 15th & 26th!

9th June, 2016

Moira: I have been doing some work based on the compost bins I saw at the Allotments.  There is a video of me working on one of the collage papers on the Biggar Artist Open Studios Facebook page.  I also have a Moira Russell Artist Facebook page which you might like to check out.  Here are some preparatory pieces and the final piece:

Formulating a plan with the collage experimenting for flaky paint look

Time Works its Magic!

Time Works its Magic!

I have so enjoyed doing all the surfaces and textures that I have begun preparations for a second piece:eroded wooden post stage 1  eroded wooden post stage 2

tree trunk slice

7th June, 2016

Both:  Reminder – Our Open Studio event is coming up – 25th & 26th June! Further details available on Facebook – Biggar Artist Open Studios page (where you can view a readable version of the poster below!) as well as searching for the others taking part : , Facebook page for Sabhal Mor Arts, &  Come for a lovely trip round the Borders/Biggar area and visit us all – Stobo, Kilbucho, Biggar and Roberton.  

Summer Taster Poster

3rd June 2016


I have reached the stage with the compost heap painting where I think it is finished!

There is Beauty in the Compost Heap! 1

22nd May 2016


Have started some preliminary work on the compost heaps – work in progress….

:compost heap 1 leaf drawing 1

15th May 2016


Just back from a wonderful seaside break!  Fitted in a weekend course at Leith School of Art and we went to the allotments at Leith Links for our inspiration.  Mine came from the compost heaps!!!

beetroot & cabbage leaf beetroot root

a feast for the eyes with wonderfully coloured cabbage leaves and multi coloured beetroot and that amazingly creepy crawly like root!  These will, when I get time, fit nicely into my Traces theme as will my inspiration gleaned from the beach:weathered surfaces

the shadows cause by lacy curtains in our wee cottage by the sea:lounge curtains 3

and another great find similar to my Whisky at 3/- :lemonade & ginger beerparaffin sold here

now all I need to do is find the time to follow up all these ideas!!!

16th April 2016

Both:  NEWS!  A Date for your Diary: We are opening our studios for a local Summer Open Studio event on the weekend of 25th & 26th June 2016.  We look forward to welcoming you then!

8th April 2016

Moira:  Oh dear – sorry – much too busy doing still!!!  Have made some mixed media paintings inspired by the leaf shadow work – see Moira’s 2016 work page.  Here is one for a taster:

Autumn Shadows 1

Autumn Shadows 1

Have been working on Artist’s books tooThis one is in 4 parts for re-arranging as suits:

Leaf Book 3

Leaf Book 3

Leaf Book 3cover

Leaf Book 3cover

18th March 2016

Moira: Where does the time go!!!!!! Too busy  having fun experimenting with the collagraphs to realise how long it is between blog entries!  I have been trying out various surfaces and different finishes to make a bank of information so that I can select from them to obtain the results I want for any particular area of a collagraph.  I have coloured some of the leaf prints using watercolour and quite like the effect.

Leaf shadow 2

Leaf shadow 2

collagraph print and watercolour 1

collagraph print and watercolour 1

26th February, 2016


Enjoying working with the new press!  I have been using as inspiration some photos I took one autumn. We were walking through the Meadows in Edinburgh early one Saturday morning and the sun was shining at a very low angle and the crisp autumn leaves which had fallen on the path were being lit and their cast shadows were absolutely amazing!  Here is an early proof print of the collagraph I have made where I have printed (intaglio) the shadow and will later print the leaves and stalk in relief.

collagraph leaf print proof

19th February 2016

Moira: Have been working on the ghostly figures again:

working title -shop & shadow ball game

corner view close-up 2

and have the press up and running!  new press

press in action

3rd February, 2016


Our La Cerise Winter exhibition has been extended to the end of February!

Have been too busy drawing, painting and dealing with stormy weather to catch up with the blog!! However, here I am!  Just taken deliver of a brand new hand made etching press this morning and quite nervously excited.  It has to come to temperature and be cleaned of its preserving oil before use.  Traces project has taken a new twist with dipping into the past. Where I lived as a child there was a plumbers’ workshop with a whisky advert painted on the wall.  It has more than one layer showing – even today when it has been converted into a dwelling house!  The whisky was 3/- & 3/6 a bottle in the good old days – probably from before the first world war as the building dates from the 1899 – 1900 period.  The first owner was a grocer and by 1912 it was under different ownership and was a grocer & wine merchant.  I used to play ball against the wall and as it is a hazy memory now the idea of shadowy images of me as a child playing have added themselves to the theme!

shadow ball game 2

shadow ball game 2

shadow ball game 1

shadow ball game 1

working title -shop & shadow ball game

working title -shop & shadow ball game

12th January 2016


Another traces of the past painting.  Originally the sign painted on the wall has said Painter & Decorator but people have painted and decorated over it many times and bits have flaked off leaving something for the attentive eye to find!

Painter & Decorator

Painter & Decorator

2nd January 2016


Happy New Year to all our readers!   Biggar has a famous Hogmanay Bonfire.  It produced these fantastic shapes today!

2nd Jan

31st December 2015

Moira :  The last day  of the year!  I have been busy developing my ideas for 2016 – based on the idea that the coffee pieces came from the Traces of coffee left in my cup and I got to thinking about Traces in general and have a lovely bank of ideas to dip into in the coming months!  I have begun with the traces of writing in the environment from torn posters with just a trace of the message visible to the hard to see but visible if you look writing on buildings telling of their use in former times as business premises.  In the New Town there is an upholsterer’s name and business advertisement on the wall of a basement for instance.  Here is one of 3 little poster based pieces I have been working on (& see you next year!):

I Wonder What it Said? 2

I Wonder What it Said? 2

7th December 2015

Moira:  Set up a joint exhibition today with Ken – downstairs in La Cerise, 199 Great Junction Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 5LQ. .  It will run until end January 2016.  Open Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm. Closed weekends.  Christmas  – closed 24th December and re-opening on Tuesday 5th January 2016

Bark Inspired 8

Bark Inspired 8    This is one of the 8 Bark Inspired pictures of mine which are in the exhibition.

21st November 2015

Moira: Another in the coffee series!:

Wake up & Smell the Coffee

Wake up & Smell the Coffee

17th November 2015


More of the coffee series:

Coffee Cascade

Coffee Cascade

A ‘rebellion’ piece!   Got tired of the tidiness of the others and chaos reigns!

7th Novemeber 2015


2nd Planet Coffee painting:

Planet Coffee - Planets

Planet Coffee – Planets A1 size

3rd November, 2015

Two nights in a row – I am excelling myself!  Here is the first Planet Coffee painting:

Planet Coffee Bubbles

Planet Coffee Bubbles  A1 sized mixed media!


2nd November, 2015


2 coffee cup paintings completed!  A third – more abstract one is on its way!

Samples of the coffee cup ‘planets’:

Coffee cup residue

Coffee cup residue

cropped coffee cup residue inverted

cropped coffee cup residue inverted

Convinced?  Would love some feedback!

22nd October, 2015


Have spent the last two days re-doing our website – have got Ken’s all sorted – just got mine to do now!  The Coffee Bubble/ Planet painting is underway with Bubbles having won this round!   Second one begun with Planets to be the stars this time.  Watch this space!

17th October, 2015


Open Studio Weekend!

Where does the time go?!!!  Can’t believe it is so long since I updated the Blog!  We have put up a new hanging system in our hall and in my studio and have been busy with the hanging of the pictures and making up the title sheets and route map for the big day – which arrived today!! We have had a really busy day with lots of lovely people with home we had interesting conversations.  I was kept busy explaining my new obsession with the inside of my coffee cups as they look when I have drunk all my coffee!  The residue of the crema in the bottom of the cup has the look of a planet and I am in the process of translating what I see into a painting!  Lots of lovely play with ink and bleach and much splattering of paint etc.  Great Fun!

3 Markmaking

23rd September 2015

Moira:  Have been busy framing things for the up coming Biggar Little Festival Open Studio Trail – 17th & 18th October!

framing ready for Open Studio event

11th September 2015


Enjoying working in our new studios.  Here is my latest work in progress:

1- work in progress

1st September 2015


Glad to report that one of my pieces sold at the Macmillan Art Show!  Thank you to the kind purchaser! We are enjoying painting in our new studio – the light is terrific.  Thank you Thea & Ian (Chambersmacmillanarchitects)

27th August 2015


We have painted in our new studios!!!  Hurrah!!!Ken 1st painting session 2 Moira 1st painting session 3  My new easel has arrived to replace the portable one I am using in the photo – so all set now….!  Also :-

The Macmillan Art Show opens today (Thursday) 10am – 7pm and Fri, Sat & Sun 10am to 4pm at Bonhams 22 Queen Street Edinburgh and at least one of my entries will be on show.

18th August 2015


Very conscious that I have not updated the blog for almost a month!   We have been working all hours sorting out our new studio arrangement – putting storage etc. on wheels to make it easier for us to move it around – so lots of DIY!  We have also made an inventory of all books and equipment as it is so easy to forget where items are stored and then waste lots of time searching for them.  We also had a week attending a Leith School of Art Summer School – out every day from 9.30am until about 3pm drawing and sketching the Water of Leith, The Forth Bridge, Princes St.’s view of the Castle, The Saughton Rose Garden and Holyrood Park!  Poor Ken had the misfortune in the Park to have a, fortunately small, dog have a wee on his sketchbook as it lay on the ground when we drew with pieces of charcoal taped to long sticks! Hope to get back to normal soon.

23rd July 2015


Goodness – can’t believe how long it is since I have written in the Blog!!!!  Things have been hectic with reorganising the old studio with the stuff  which remained here and today we got the rest of the boxes back from the storage container so more organisation required.  Ken’s studio had its final floor levelling compound applied this evening.  We still have to have the painters back – hopefully tomorrow, the roofer – hopefully also tomorrow and the electrician  & then the roughcasters have work to do after that.  Ken has been busy building trolleys so we can move everything about more easily and making a new cupboard for the old studio.  We are looking forward to having some time to think about our artwork soon!

PLEASE NOTE – My Exhibition continues – changing to framed work – but LA CERISE’s opening hours have changed for the Summer (Wedding Season!) Mon – Fri 7.30am to 5pm with NO SATURDAY or SUNDAY OPENING.

8th July 2015

Moira:  The decorators are still painting, we have been measured up for flooring but still have the radiators to be installed and the lighting and power to be done so Friday not looking too likely for a finish date at the moment as decorators say they’ll be back tomorrow!!

1st July 2015

Moira:  New completion date – end of next week – plasterers tomorrow, Joiners on Sat. & decorators on Monday so it is all go!  We have to do some wallpapering between Saturday night  and Monday morning to be ready for the decorators so it will be a busy weekend.  Got news today that two of my Shed Window pieces have been chosen by Macmillan to be in their Edinburgh Art Show in Bonhams during the Edinburgh Festival!

27th June 2015

Moira:  It doesn’t look like we are going to have our studios completed by the 1st July which was our given date! Longing to get back in and have space!!!!ss) the new internal windows 1

Have been working on my Biggar Project:  This time looking at Reflections:

High St Reflections

14th June 2015


Wow! What a lot has happened with the new studio this week!!  On Friday we had 2 joiners plasterboarding. 3 plasterers taping ready for plastering (which was begun on Saturday morning!), an electrician and a young lad to break through beneath the old window to join the two studios – and – our growing heap of rubbish was carted away!

pp) plasterers & joiner

It was all happening!!!

oo) breaking through 2

The first small break through!

oo) breaking through 3

only the window sill to go!

oo) breaking through 6

The cleaned up result with the light flooding through the Veluxes and the two strip windows-to-be. The green covered loft bit is to be another window and you can get views right through – fantastic!  It is all starting to look like our new studios!

11th June 2015

Moira: Work is progressing well with the studio extension – but it is not just the builders who are working!  A wasps’nest has appeared in the spaces where the cladding is not yet in position so I had a new role today – and a very natty outfit to boot!!! Enter the Exterminator….wasp hunter  The nest:wasps'nest

Several new stages have been reached by the proper workers  – the old studio window has been taken out

mm) the old window is removed 1

and the plasterboard is going up!nn) the plasterboard goes up 2

7th June 2015

Moira:  Made an entry today to the Facebook page for the Biggar Little Festival Open Studios!  Some updates on our studio extension – have a look!

 1st June 2015 :STOP PRESS – La Cerise is closed from the end of the afternoon of Fri 5th June until it re-opens on the morning of Monday 15th June if you are thinking of visiting my exhibition there!

28th May 2015

Both: Too much going on to concentrate on much creative stuff at the moment!!  New Studio making great progress with the huge window being installed:

hh) window's journey 1 hh) window's journey 5 hh) window's journey 15

Here we are reflected in the new window!!hh) window's journey 18 installed

ii) the cladding is started  The cladding has been started and….

jj) the new back door frame is in .. the new back door frame has been installed too!!

19th May 2015

Moira:  Have managed to find a bit of space and have been inspired by some wonderful tree stumps in Biggar – so far I have done 3 wee pieces.  here is the first along with the photo of one of the inspirational stumps!

bark work 1

13th May 2015


The photos show my temporary studio!!  It is not just ‘head space’ that is in short supply!!

temp studio 1

temp studio 2

11th May 2015


Still battling with (even more) basins and buckets in the rain!!  Good progress with the extension but waiting for insulation, windows……  and finding it hard to create our art work with so little ‘head space’!  Usually too many people passing through and asking hard questions during the day and we are too exhausted by evening to manage more than half an hour or so .. but hopefully we’ll get more into the way of it and feel more creative soon – and some dry weather with no ‘bucket duties’ would be a help!!!!!

 29th April 2015


A really bad spell of weather at just the wrong time!!! We were wet inside:

ee) wet inside and

and out in the new studio space too!

ee) wet outside

Our excellent architects and contractor joined the electricians and joiners on site today, brickies and joiners are to come tomorrow and roofers to follow so, hopefully, we’ll soon be a bit drier and not spend our evenings brushing water from the flooded areas!!

27th April 2015

Both:  Not able to do much art work as the build is affecting the area in which we hoped to paint!!  However, good progress is being made :-

cc) the new dormer roof with cheeks

We are looking forward to being more wind and water tight though!

20th April 2015

Both:  Progress with the extension!  Today the frame went up – and up!!!  The old window will become a doorway through and the tallest area in the front will be the new window – with the new back door on the right.  The waste pipe is not, of course, a permanent feature!!!  Tomorrow the ceiling in our existing studio will be removed and a new beam inserted to support the part remaining.  All very exciting – if not a bit nerve wracking! Here is how it looked at the end of today:v) the frame goes UP 5

16th April 2015

Moira:  One of my new mixed media collages!

Elemental 1

14th April 2015


q) concrete poured - and then it rained! 12th April

The concrete floor is now setting despite the rain and the block wall has been built!  We are about to have the joiners in to start on the wooden parts of the structure!  Too distracted to do much but Moira has been working on her new set of collages and Ken has a painting on the go!

2nd April 2015


Yippee!  Work started at 7 am on a beautiful crisp morning – such a joy after the repeated hail and snow showers of the last few days.  Here is the ‘through the window’ photo of the end of the first day’s work:

g) end of first day

1st April 2015


Still waiting for the slabs to be lifted.  Went to set up Moira’s mini exhibition in the downstairs section of La Cerise, Great Junction Street, Edinburgh today It will run until June and may evolve during that period!  La Cerise has a wonderful range of cakes, sandwiches etc. and excellent coffee!  Well worth a visit – and do look at my exhibition too!! Afterwards we went to see the fabulous Kate Downie exhibition ‘Estuary’ in the Scottish Gallery in Dundas Street Edinburgh.  It is on until the end of the month – also well worth a visit – unfortunately no delicious cakes though!

31st March 2015


Still no progress – constant snow showers!

                                        Soon to be studio non-start 31stMarch:

The future studio extension space!

28th March 2015


So disappointed – heavy rain this morning meant that the slab lifting had to be cancelled!   Hopefully we will get started next week!  Fingers crossed.  Went to see the fantastic solo exhibition of Kim Redpath’s work  in the Corn Exchange in Biggar today.  Kim is the nephew of Anne Redpath the famous Scottish artist and he will be 90 on Monday 30th March 2015!

27th March 2015

Both:  Work on our studio extension is about to begin!!!!  Tomorrow the slabs will be lifted and the foundations will be dug out next week, hopefully……..

22nd March 2015


Out for our walk this morning we met the builder for our new studio extension who tells us he’ll be ready to start in a couple of weeks.  That galvanized us into action!!!!  Spent the day moving things around to work out what we’ll need and where we can put all of them so that we can carry on with our painting outwith the studio.  Also moved boxes of materials and took down shelving so both pretty tired – don’t think much painting will be done this evening!

17th March 2015


First step towards our Studio extension work this week – some decking in the garden to house the whirlie clothes line which will be displaced when the extension work starts in the next month!  We’ll have to move out of the studio for a few weeks and we have been busy organising ourselves – working out what we will need to store and what we need to keep around us so it is difficult to be creative at the same time. Will  be documenting the progress of the build more than the art work for a while methinks!!

3rd March 2015


Have been selecting work and packing it to go to the Killiecrankie House Hotel for this season’s exhibition with the Madainn Group.  My Stained Glass windows idea is still developing and have photographed part of the latest piece:Stained glass crop

I like the effect that the light coming through the coloured glass has on the surrounding stonework and objects.

19th February 2015


At last we are both feeling a bit better – both coughing for Scotland – but managing to do more than rest, read and watch TV!!!  I had fun with some Gelliprinting today – working on an idea about the light cast by stained glass windows!

13th February 2015


My cough and cold are abating – Ken’s had a recurrence of his virus and now I have put my back out just to add to our joyous Friday the 13th!!!

Looking forward to NORMALITY soon, please!!!!!!!

6th February 2015


Snow and cold have taken their toll – I now have a streaming cold!!!!!  No time between sneezes to hold a paint brush!!

31st January 2015


Can’t believe it is the end of January already!    Still battling with snowy icy pavements so every outing is an adventure!  By the time we get boots, coats, hats, scarves and gloves on half the morning is over!  Doing some experimentasl work at the moment using gesso and different mediums to build up interesting surfaces to work on.

25th January 2015


Have been working on a painting inspired by the old station (now a ruin) in Biggar.  I liked the view through the broken window to the rear open window and beyond.  I had a couple of shots at it before ending up with this one which I thinks captures what I wanted:

station windows

station windows

23rd January 2015

Moira :

Life is beginning to get back to normal – Ken’s back is much better – the 6″ snowfall is now melting and we can get out and about once more!  Have been doing some painting based on the old collapsing mill.  I liked the door halfway up the wall and without any means of access, the crumpled roof ( now gone for the most part!) and the feeling of being suspended in time:

The forgotten doorway

The forgotten doorway

15th January  2015

Ken has had a bad back for the last week. Went to doctor today – he has a slipped disc!!!!

14th January 2015


Have been working on a couple of paintings – one based on Biggar Kirk’s architecture and atmosphere and the other on the old mill in Biggar which had  a further collapse at the end of 2014 and I was inspired by the state of it to make a painting.

Photo of the old mill, Biggar 2015 overview

Photo of the old mill, Biggar 2015 overview

Photo of the mill interior

Photo of the mill interior

Using the features I liked of Biggar Kirk in this 'fanciful' view

Using the features I liked of Biggar Kirk in this ‘fanciful’ view

The old mill painting - work in progress

The old mill painting – work in progress

The old mill painting

The old mill painting

7th January 2015


Happy New Year!  Hoping to get started to our art work again!  The dark days are not conducive to bright thoughts but going to make the effort to see things ‘in a different light’!!!

30th December 2014


What with Christmas etc. no progress made and now Ken has a nasty chesty cough which is keeping us awake at nights and me busy shopping ‘nursing’ cooking and cleaning  during the day  – there’s not much chance of progress until into the new year!!   Happy New Year to all our readers – hope to be back in business soon!

15th December 2014


When I took the photos in October ( see below) I liked the reflection of the trees in one of the windows at Biggar Kirk.  The trees looked like a fairy tale or medieval castle on a hill so I have tried to recreate that effect.  Still a bit of work to do perhaps…

Biggar Kirk Castle window

Also, I didn’t like the top of the painting below so worked on it a bit longer and am better pleased with the result this time:

Biggar Kirk 2

12th December 2014


Still continuing with the Gelli prints and really enjoying experimenting.  Have invested in some of the Golden Open Acrylics which give a much longer working time for ghost prints especially and these are my favourites anyway. I  have also found time to do some painting – starting work on a Biggar inspired project (see photos taken in October).  The first idea I have tried is this one which blends a map,the door porch area and a window structure :

Biggar Kirk 1

5th December 2014


At last back almost back to normal!  Hurrah!  Have resumed work on Gelli printing experimenting with working in layers sometimes on top of previous prints, sometimes on top of collaged papers

coll copy ghost & stencil 3    coll copy ghost & stencil 4    coll copy ghost & stencil 5

coll copy ghost & stencil       crumpled tissue & papers

The results are promising and I am learning what works and what does not!

27th November 2014


Foiled again,again!!!   Back much improved on Monday – ‘stupidly’ blew my nose and threw the tissue in the bin and – Bingo! away it went again so still not able to stand, sit or lie down in comfort for any  appreciable time so not much to report on.  Fingers crossed for an improvement soon!

19th November 2014


Foiled again! Have had to abandon my Gelli printing and painting etc. for the time being as my temperamental back has ‘gone’ again and I am doing a pretty good impersonation of a witch in a children’s book illustration – all over to one side and stooped!  Hopefully the magic pills will sort me out soon and let me get back to ‘work’!

16th November 2014


Here are the Gelli print results – some have collagraph prints as a first layer :

beach 2        Winter wonderland

other worldly poppy seedheads           escaping seeds

oriental 2        oriental 1

Lots of potential with this don’t you think?

It is good to play and discover without the need to produce a finished piece. I am having FUN!!!!

15th November 2014


Have been experimenting with Gelli printing.  It was great fun but hectic as acrylic paint is used and it dries so quickly.  Didn’t manage to do any photographs of it but will try to have some of the results ready for the next entry!

10th November 2014


Looking forward to some down time now after all the excitements of the exhibitions and the Open Studio events!  Fun but exhausting!  We met some lovely, interesting people and have made some new friends.  Some time now for experimenting with ideas and techniques.  The poppy seedheads are manifesting themselves in print with collagraph to the fore after a Saturday workshop with Susie Wilson at Leith School of Art – most inspirational but I just want to let things emerge and enjoy the process after all the pressures to get things ready.

28th October 2014


1 scraped paint + water drips 1a more water & oil pastel 1b more oil pastel

Working from the experimental drawings in the Poppy seedhead below I did some experimental painting today trying for the feeling of being up close and personal with the seedhead structure.  I began with dark colours and then white over scraping to reveal the colours below and adding water spots to create more texture. Then I began to define areas with black oil pastel rubbed and smudged in.  I continued to darken and define  – ending up with:

1c more paint scrapes + oil p

22nd October 2014


Some of yesterday morning’s photos:

Moat Park arch carvings 3

Moat Park door carvings cobwebbed

I loved the carvings on the Moat Park Church building especially the one with the spiders’webs on it.St Mary's windows reflections 2 St Mary's windows reflections 1

I also like the reflections in the windows of St. Mary’s Church and have been working up some ideas about windows and doors etc. for my project.  Today I have been working on my collagraph plates, experimenting with layering the prints.collagraph plates

The plates are based on the skeletal poppy seedheads.

21st October 2014


I can’t believe it is more than a month since I last blogged!   Where does the time go? We have been busy with the Roseleaf deliveries and collections and getting ready for the Biggar Little Festival Open Studios weekend – from which we are now recovering!

It went well with lots of interested and interesting people to talk to despite the very wet and blustery weather – well done those who turned out!  One of my paintings, Echoing Through Time, was bought by Frieda Oxenham (who has an amazing blog  to be found at ).  I had visited her exhibition recently in Peebles and we found we had a lot in common with our sources of inspiration.  It has been reinvigorating to hear people’s thoughts and opinions on our work and we have set out to research for our next project based locally – even took photos this morning before breakfast!!  Will prepare some ready to share with you soon.

17th September 2014


I have finished my work for my solo exhibition in the Roseleaf starting on 2nd October!   I have created a new Page for the website of My Latest Work so much of what I have been up to can been seen there.

I have also started my next project – developing work based on the skeleton poppy seed heads which I have found in my garden.  Work is at a basic stage so far:

a skeleton poppy seed head

a skeleton poppy seed headcharcoal & water & pens

some experimental drawings

some experimental drawings

6th September 2014Moira:  In the CabinetAlongside Ken’s Exhibition I have some Artist’s Books in the Cabinet at the door.  They are based on Leith and 2 are based on the photos which Ken took in the 1960s /1970s and which inspired two of his paintings.Ken:Roseleaf Exhibition 1Roseleaf Exhibition 2Roseleaf Exhibition 3A few pictures of the Roseleaf today when we went for lunch!  Well worth a visit – and the paintings aren’t too bad either!24th August 2014Moira:Good News!   I have sold both my collages from the Macmillan Exhibition!12th August 2014Moira:Last week Ken & I did our second Summer School Course at Leith School of Art with Jenny Martin.  We had to choose a subject to study & work on for the week in sketchbook development.  I chose a wonderful old lamp-post in King Street, Leith for mine!whole lamppost Lamp-post King St leith 1It has amazing surfaces where the many layers of paint are peeling and it was this that attracted me. We made collagraphs & monoprints and I even went in my lunch break one day to take rubbings of the surfaces!

One of my Collagraph plates

One of my Collagraph plates

Having experimented with many ways of portraying the surfaces using collage and layered prints I went on to make a collage and paint piece as my next step:Silk cocoon paper pieceI have been documenting the processes and have made an artist’s book based on my photographs of the lamp-post for my mini display in the Cabinet of the Roseleaf Bar Cafe in September (see Exhibitions page).   It was a week packed with experimental work which I shall take forward, hopefully!11th August 2014Moira:

The Only Way is Up!

The Only Way is Up!

It was Worth the Effort!

It was Worth the Effort!

I have handed in my 2 pieces (above) chosen by  Macmillan for their Art Show ‘Inspired‘ in Bonhams, 22, Queen St. Edinburgh, EH2 1JX from Thurs 14th – Sunday 17th August from 10am until 5pm Th & Fri, 10am – 4pm Sat & Sun.23rd July 2014Moira:Have had our first Summer School Week at Leith School of Art. Based on work done there I have documented the progress of one piece:1 Markmaking with 4H2 tissue3 markmaking in paint5 path appears7 quatrefoil now window8 Spire developes9 path tower & corner10 left hand corner8th July, 2014Moira:Just heard today that my work has been accepted again this year for the Macmillan Art Show in Bonham’s, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh, 14th – 17th August 2014!4th July 2014Moira:collagraph cutting Still suffering from the after effects of Shingles with two numb fingers and some nerve pain but, at last, able to concentrate enough to get started to some art work again.    I have begun work on a collagraph of the broken windows in the old, abandoned cranes at Leith Docks.  Special card is cut to varying depths to give a white, midtone and dark toned image when printed using a press.Ken:Swinton Row_edited-1Now Moira is a bit better I am able to get back to preparing work for the Roseleaf exhibition.   The above was inspired by a photograph taken by my brother in the 1950s.   It shows an interpretation of Swinton Row – a street that is no longer with us – near St James Square in Edinburgh.23rd June 2014Moira:  Joy of joys – the blistery rash has turned out to be Shingles!!!!22nd June 2014Joint:Not having a good week!  Moira has a trapped nerve in her neck giving her numb fingers in her painting hand plus a painful blistery rash in the same hand.  Ken has been looking after her and so not much painting has been done.16th June 2014Joint entry:The 3 Harbours Arts Festival is now behind us – a few sales were made and we learned a lot!  Further sales at the Killiecrankie House Hotel too so exciting times!  We are taking stock of our work for our solo exhibitions – in Sept (Ken ) & Oct (Moira) looking through all the work for each of us – organising what goes together and what to leave out & getting our framing lists organised.   This all takes time and does not leave much time for the lovely business of actually making work – writing Blogs!!!!  Will try to do better soon! 1st June 2014Joint entry:3 harbours set up 1 All our hard work for the 3 Harbours Festival has resulted in this display with which we are very satisfied.  On with the preparations for our exhibitions in October & November (see Exhibitions page) and, of course, new work for  the Killiecrankie House Hotel exhibition which will be changing at the end of July.  Moira heard this weekend that she had sold a big painting at Killiecrankie so it has been a good if busy week.25th May, 2014Moira:I have been working on my Artist’s Books for the 3 Harbours Festival – making labels, packaging and so on.  Today the final one is finished – just in time as the work has to be delivered tomorrow!   The last one is called ‘A Celebration of Rust!’:rust book pages            rust book cover Ken:Colour version of Leith pen & inkIt has been a wee while since my last blog because I have been getting ready for the 3 harbours exhibition. The painting above is a colour version of the pen & wash I showed on my last blog. I don’t know where it is or rather was as I am “mining” colour slides I took in Leith in the 1970s.12th May 2014Moira:perspex box book 1 The little perspex boxes now have tiny (compare to the 50p piece) accordian fold books which fit neatly inside!  I am  working on the little ‘slide’ books once more and building up my work for the 3 Harbours  Festival which is later this month.Ken:Leith Pen & ink 2 Back to the pen and wash I started before the holidays. I like the tone and textures that can be achieved in this medium. I will attempt a painting of these buildings in the future.4th May 2014My painting 2 I have been in Dunbar for the past week staying at an excellent self catering cottage and immersing myself in drawing and painting. This is a quick painting of the rocks near Dunbar castle next to the harbour.Moira:Back, refreshed, after a week by the sea in Dunbar sketching and painting outdoors…Moira sketchingMoira painting at The Kipper House … and indoors!   How can 2 people make so much mess when making art?!!!!Indoor painting session 125th April 2014Moira:mini box work 1 I came across a few 3cm square clear plastic boxes with hinged lids which are crying out for something like tiny accordian book contents!Typically, they have grabbed my attention and I just had to get started!  So far, I have thought of using the coast outline of the Forth Estuary and creating something out of it by drawing:  or perhaps use some of my abstract, burnt image transfer papers; or maybe a series of little drawings or photos.  It is a case of trial and error with much folding and snipping.  If any of the ideas bear fruit I’ll keep you posted!Ken:Leith pen & ink 1For a change I decided to make a pen & wash image of some buildings in Leith. I used a photograph I took in the 1970s before the warehouses & factories were cleared away. Originally on a transparency, through the wonders of technology they can be printed quickly and easily. There is a bit to go in the picture!20th April 2014Moira:Here’s how I am making some rusty pages!brown paper stage 1    brown paper stage 2 First I crumpled some brown kraft paper, burned the edges slightly and then glued a variety of thin, textured papers to it. Using my paints I built up the colours andbrown paper stage 3     brown paper stage 4 used the textures to build up a rich surface.  Once it was dry I  completed the other side in the same way:                                                                                                             brown paper stage other sideHopefully this will for a double page in a Rust book once I have prepared some more!Ken:2 d wagons for blog I am Still working on the trees!!16th April 2014Moira:slide & envelopeWorking on my artist’s books for the 3Harbours.   I have used my burnt paper and image transfer work to create papers to use in various ways.   Here is a sneak preview of one section of the piece I am working on!Ken:2a wagons for blog I am not happy about the trees, I think I will put it aside for a while then see how it looks. I feel it has lost the excitement it had earlier 13th April 2014Moira:Transfer print burnt book                 transfer print & embossingMore work on image transfer, burning holes and embossing. (Makes for rather a smelly studio with the after effects of the burning!Yesterday we went to see, for the second time, a fantastic exhibition in the Dovecot Gallery, Infirmary St. Edinburgh. The work is by Paul Martin.  He uses varnishes, pigments, gesso as well as found objects on may of the pieces and collaged monoprints on others.  We were lucky enough to meet Paul on this visit.Ken:Progress is being made, thought I should work on the closer of the two wagons today. I hope there are no wagon experts reading this as I have taken liberties with the braking system. I think I need more trees, perhaps closer to.10th April 2014Ken:Stage 2 Have added some black ink to ‘destroy’ the wagons painting as it was becoming too detailed too soon!9th April 2014Moira:allotment plots window 1a Instead of scenic views from the shed/greenhouse windows I have been trying allotment plots – this has possibilities, I think!7th April 2014Ken:Have finally got the crane painting underway – not satisfied yet!Crane 86th April 2014Ken:2 Wagons 1 Stage 1I was fascinated by two wagons on the Prestongrange site. They had been pushed into the undergrowth and left.  There is no track beneath their wheels!  They are stranded and neglected. What stories these wagons could tell, the places they have been.  It was these feelings which inspired this paintingMoira:Wagon Details bookOne of my little books for the 3 Harbours Arts Festival – a series of views of sections of the wagons which can be seen at Prestongrange. 4th April 2014Moira:We have been out and about again – off to see the wonderful historical houses of Prestonpans.    I have been working on my artist’s books and experimenting with embossing and image transfer techniques.Ken:I have switched my attention to my Dolphinton Railway project once again. As the railway no longer exists my work has to come from maps and imagination!  I am trying out new paints – from the Golden Range and am enjoying their brilliance of colour.30th March 2014Moira:

A window collage
A window collage

Having a change of subject matter to refresh the brain!   For the last few days I have been working on pieces for my Roseleaf Exhibition in October.  Some of the work will be inspired by the Warriston Allotments and the pieces I’ve been working on are on the theme of greenhouse / shed windows.


I was fascinated by the crane at Prestongrange and have begun a painting.

Crane 1

Crane 1

I check my tones by photographing in black & white as I go along.  However, some way in, I decided the vertical format wasn’t working so….

Crane 4

….I’m painting it over ready to start again!

27th March 2014

New to blogging we will share it between us and see how it goes.Joint News:Last week some of our paintings went up to the Killiecrankie House Hotel as a small part of the Madainn Group’s exhibition there.  The work will be on view  in all the public rooms and corridors for the season, changing throughout.We are also working towards our next exhibition  – The 3 Harbours Arts Festival 31st May – 8th June.   ( so, on Saturday, sustained by a coffee and a chocolate brownie each, we took the train to Prestonpans and paid a return visit to the Prestongrange Industrial Museum’s site.  The Visitor Centre does not open until April so we had the place more or less to ourselves.   We spent a happy couple of hours collecting information for our work – more of that later.

Prestongrange Industrial Museum

Prestongrange Industrial Museum


Moira working in the Studio

Moira working in the Studio

I am making some artist’s books for the 3 Harbours and am especially interested in the textures and weathered surfaces at Prestongrange.

rusty metal plates

rusty metal plates

wagon detail

wagon detail

I have been exploring different ways of using and creating these surfaces and combining them with the amazing structures preserved at the Industrial Museum.

A page from one of the books

A page from one of my books


Ken painting in the Studio

Ken painting in the Studio

The industrial present and the industrial past fascinate me so my interest was in some of the decaying machinery.  I am painting several canvases for the 3 Harbours using Cockenzie Power Station and the Prestongrange site as inspiration.

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